Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Christian's Social Media Facade

As everyone knows by now, there has been a great change in how people relate to each other because of the social media revolution of the past decade. People communicate and are seen through filters such as instant messengers, blogs, facebook, twitter, and now google +.

There are so many church goers connected to these mediums, and I daresay, many of these people choose to post great theological, spiritual and Godly comments on their profiles.

Now, I'm not trying to knock these gestures down... they are very true and encouraging comments. Some people I know utilize this media to do great pre-evangelism to their friends and also encourage their brothers and sisters in Christ immensely. But sometimes, I find that some of these comments become a mere facade for the person posting. Because I know how some of those people actually go about living their lives, there can be sometimes a big discrepancy between the comment and the person. This person who is posting some encouraging verse, the next day, he/she is gossipping, not paying attention during sermons, being rude to other people, etc. etc. A person's social media status does not determine how they are living. In fact, when non-believers see this contrast of lifestyle and commenting, it can even dissuade people from Christianity! How a person lives their lives is by far more important than a mere comment or profile message.

We as Christians need to live out authentic lives that are the example of Christ in us. Let your transformed life do the talking. Don't fall into the trap of smokescreening your life by your social media profile. Live for the Glory of God only.


paul said...

I totally agree. My integrity as a Bible Translator (paul-bibletranslation.blogspot.com) is at stake in what I do and say.
But as to church- well I always get asked to leave, so no problems on that account, I had beet sucess being a Muslim but there people were not as hard when it comes to judgeing because there was this underlying sence that no matter how hard we pretended we were failures in our religion and life. I suppose that is the key to being real-brokenness. Jesus was a broken man even before they killed him yet by faith and trusting the father he kept going right to the end- I'm glad he did-love paul

EllE said...

Hi..I really like what you write and I agree as well..There are times when I stumble and fall and many times when I move away from God,but no matter what,He picks me up and brings me to Himself,because that's where I truly belong..The things I write are mostly for myself,what God tells me..And I put them on my blog because who knows..it could mean something to someone out there..someday..
But as you said,actions ARE louder than words!

Wayne said...

The problem is if everyone waited until they were perfect and then post, then no one would be able to post at all.

I do agree that as Christians we need to live by example, however we also need to be careful to remove the planks from our own eyes Math 7:3. If we are to wait until we are perfect, then we would never start to share.

Non Christians will always pick holes, no matter how good one gets as this is how they attempt to justify themselve. I actually came to know the Lord through a person who lived as a back slider, as I was able to relate to his failings. He was honest about his position, and always said don't look at me look to God.

Rather that judge others our actions, need to be to gently correct our bro's/sis's in all gentleness and humility unless we fail at some point ourselves.

Remember the Apostle Paul said he was doing what wasn't right at times and yet gave praise to Christ for his Victory, and did not let this deter him but pressed on to achieve (reach out) the higher goal. Romans 7:15-25, Phil 3:12-15

Paul didnt wait until he got it right but preached the Gospel until he got it right.

Joshi said...

Nice thoughts everyone...

I'm probably more meaning Christians who post 'inspiring' verses on their social media, but in actual fact their motivation is to look 'spiritual'. Sure I can't judge people's motivations - All I can do is have a gut feeling and that's about it. I agree with you Wayne in not waiting to share the gospel :) But I also think that we as Christians shouldn't lightlessly throw God's Word around or use it as a facade to hide the problems that we don't really want to face up to....

Connie said...

Thanks for keeping it real!