Thursday, January 27, 2011

Songs of 'Praise'

Last night, finally saw Chris Tomlin live with a bunch of friends. Darth Nolla gives a good review of the concert here.

I must say, I didn't enjoy the whole concert. The concert was of two halves, both in the way that there was a clear break between two parts of the concert, and also because of the distinct change in vibe/atmosphere/songs. I enjoyed half the concert.

Why do I say this?

First half of the concert:
- No mention of the cross, of grace, of price paid for us
- Frequent reference of focusing on us, on me, on my, etc.
- Shallow theology (if any at times)
- "Jesus is my boyfriend" songs
- Songs that just can't be sung easily, and with really obscure words and metaphors
- No flow of songs to nail a particular point

Second half of concert:
- All songs focused on our God, on Jesus, on the Lord
- Frequent mention of grace, on who God is, on who Jesus is
- Maybe not meaty theological stuff, but substantial theology through songs
- Songs had a progression towards the message, and out from the message to apply to current situations in our lives
- The lead singer (Chris Tomlin) was humble and his purpose was to lead people to focus on worshipping God
- The songs were a tad high, but were all easy to sing, easy to pick up, easy to join in

Praise God for God glorifying, Gospel driven, Christ centred song leaders and song writers.

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doozhi said...

I'm a worship leader at my church and I do agree that a lot of today's Christian music is self-centered. In Colossians 3:16 the Bible teaches that music was intended to teach and instruct the church, much like what Scripture itself is to do. I try to write music that does just that. And, when I also try to be intentional when I select music for our congregation to sing. I only want to edify and lift up people with the music I sing. Sadly, some of today's Christian musicians have wrong motives and look only for notoriety and profit. It is unfortunate that many buy into this and join the bandwagon just because it is popular. I pray God sets me straight fast if I ever start praising myself with what He wants full glory for. Amen.