Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Morning Show Disappointment

Every morning I watch the news while eating breakfast. I put up with talkshow-style segments between each news update, even though half of the stuff they talk about is nonsense. But sometimes, I am just flabbergasted by how brainless these show hosts are.

Among many other examples, I don't understand how one can formally 'apologise' about accidentally calling someone a retard, but then openly and purposely make fun of Christianity and religious people (I think P Jensen was on the show).

The nonsense coming from show hosts from Sunrise, The Today Show, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, and the like is just so sad and disappointing...

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Jan said...

I'm so over daytime TV. I reckon I've also heard that Dodo internet 'No Limit' ad so many times I want to smack the Dodo into oblivion.

That's why I play Sim City 4, Xplorers and Toulouse online, Farmville and Frontierville instead.

Which P Jensen was that? Peter or Philip?