Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Fever: Day 2

Venue: Ping Mao's Place, then at home

Snacks Involved: Cherios at midnight

Games Watched: South Korea vs Greece, Argentina vs Nigeria, a bit of England vs USA

Time Slept: 3am

Best Play: Watching the best player in the world, Lionel Messi (Argentina), on the ball and
mesmerising the Nigerian Defence (too bad he didn't score, but in that game, he by himself has more shots on target than every other whole team in the world cup so far)

Highlight: Park Ji Sung's goal celebration..... and beating Alice & Lisa in Scramble between the games

Low Point: Robert Green's blunder for USA to score

Other Comments:

My Saturday Night to Sunday Night-
6:30pm - Dinner @ Red Hut
9:00pm - Dessert @ Just Soy
10:00pm - World Cup @ Pings
1:00am - Home doing work and watching world cup
3:00am - Sleep
6:30am - Wake up
7:30am - 845 music practice
8:45am - Church
10:00am - 1030 music practice
10:30am - Church
1:00pm - Lunch @ Rasa Malaysia
3:00pm - Soccer @ Mansfield
6:00pm - Dinner at home
Now - Looking at my crazy list of work to do tonight......

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