Saturday, May 08, 2010

Life is....

Life is not like a series of compartments. Its not segmented into different parts such as church, study, work, friends, different groups of people, etc. etc.
Rather it is like a single bottle. The big rocks may be the big things in your life. The smaller rocks which fill the gaps are the other things that are in your life. Either way, it is only one life, one compartment. You take a rock out, add a rock in, and things will change. Its impossible to take a rock out without it impacting the others. If I get a new job, get fired, get a parking fine, eat out for dinner, it impacts the rest of my life. I might need to find a new job, be tighter on spending, or get more exercise.

One of the analogies that has been on my mind lately when thinking about priorities and new possibilities.... Hope it may stimulate your thoughts :)

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