Monday, August 04, 2008

Happening in the past week... in picture format!

Yes, its the 3rd week of uni, and assignments are pouring in. However, managed to have some free time to play pro evolution soccer. This is possibly the best team lineup in the world! Imagine the commentary in this game!! "Kim... passes to Kim... great pass by Kim... Kim's making a ruuun, and its KIM... GOAL TO KIM"

After playing the beautiful game, I went to the local caryard to pick up my new car. Isn't it hot?

Obviously I'm not the one in need of a new car... as seen by Tom's hot yellow space saver tyre after he ran over some police barriers earlier in the morning in his mad dash to church. That's dedication!

Note the white sticker on the tyre "80KM MAX" hahaha good luck!

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