Monday, July 21, 2008

Materialistic World...

Recently we had our annual FiGS Camp, and the topic this year was materialism. Materialism is pretty much the desire of wealth and material posessions. This becomes a big issue when this desire overtakes our desire as Christians to serve and learn more about God. Its so easy to know that materialism is an issue, but neglect to open our own eyes and see the materialistic world that is us and around us. We are bombarded with ads on tv, on the internet, and in billboards wherever we go... telling us that we need this, or we should buy that, and its so easy to overlook these subtle temptations.

One of the quick activities we did was to add up the cost of all the clothes, accessories, and things that were on us. The result.... most people have at least $500 of stuff on them... probably up to $1000 with clothes, watch/jewellry, mobile phone, wallet and cash, and whatever other accessories we have.

Materialism, though, isn't just what we have on us, or what we possess. The killer is what is happening in our minds. The question to ask is... is the desire for these objects affecting our walk with Christ? Is the desire or greed for wealth compromising our Christian lives? What are we going to do about our desires for wealth and possessions? Will we let Satan eat away at us, or will we take a stand and surrender our all for God?

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