Thursday, February 28, 2008

After 4 weeks of membership....

In Lifegroups this past month we've been looking at the topic and idea of membership in the church context... and establishing what it means to be a member and the more basic question of 'where in the bible does it say we need to be members?'

Even though the new testament actually doesn't directly command us to be 'members', it does in many places imply members in various ways. In fact some of the commands in the NT cannot be fulfilled unless there is a group of church 'members'. I think we've established that the only right/responsibility of official members is NOT just to vote. Signing for membership is a public declaration of an inward commitment towards God's local church, and also is a public statement of association with a particular local church (as opposed to being nomadic!)

Unfortunately, one of the down sides of this series was that God's word was not touched awfully much, and when it was, it usually was skipping about books and passages, which does not really help people understand a portion of God's word thoroughly.

Looking foward (not really... doubling up with FiGS...) to reading, studying and understanding Hebrews throughout the remainder of the year... Hoping for more talk, useful discussion, digging deep into the passages and continueing to explore God's Word!

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