Friday, September 29, 2006


This holidays have passed by so quickly... mostly has been catching up on sleep... and probably getting sleepier from doing nothing hehe. I don't think i've achieved much but i'm gonna treasure all this bumming and sleeping and relaxing time =) because the next few weeks of uni will be crazy assignmenting~!
Anyway... I've been thinking for the last few weeks... with all the stuff happening around the world... what people would do if they knew their life was about to end? If they just knew about what would happen in the future, would they change how they lived? I'd say yes. at BLT we had this similar topic... and its just a stark reminder to us all that we only do have one life, and that one life is getting closer to an end every day. Some people will say... "live life to the full!" and that's true to a certain extent... but my thoughts are (and you can debate this) that you should "use time wisely, and take any opportunities given". How would you feel if tomorrow your best friend disappeared, and today you're debating/argueing with him/her over silly issues? I know i'd feel so so so bad. Everything seems to feel a bit different with that in mind. That's why its so important to have a big smile ^____^ on your face, always being happy^^, never letting arguements come between you and your friends, and settling them as soon as possible.
I found this poem a long time ago, and some of you might know it... but it really affected me... made me really think about the way i act and stuff..

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